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Portland Shoe Stores

Places to Buy Shoes in Portland


A good pair of shoes can not only make an outfit, they can lift your spirits. Find out which Portland shoe stores will make you and your feet happy.

1. pedX

shoe shopping
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Where:2230 NE Alberta St.
(503) 460-0760

What: This friendly neighborhood shoe boutique stocks adorable, affordable shoes for men and women. Check out the crave-worthy collection of bags and jewelry, too.

2. Halo Shoes

Where:1425 NE Broadway St
(503) 331-0366

What: Come here for shoes with high style and prices to match. Halo carries many designer shoes you won’t find anywhere else in town. When you're feeling splurge-worthy, make a beeline here.

3. Sole

Where: 1033 NW Couch St
(503) 222-7653

What: Thanks to a enthusiastic staff and unique selection, shopping at Sole is a lot of fun. The store strikes a balance between fashion and frugality.

4. Imelda's and Louie's Shoes

Where: 3426 SE Hawthorne Blvd
(503) 233-7476

935 NW Everett

What: One of Portland’s most beloved boutiques, Imelda’s and Louie’s sells the brands you love at down-to-earth prices. Get on the mailing list and you'll be the first to know about the sales.

5. Johnny Sole

Where: 815 SW Alder St
(503) 225-1241

What: Sink your feet into two floors of urban styles for all, from sleek heels to a vast array of Fleuvogs. Johnny Sole sells a selection of clothes to go with your shoes, too.

6. Ether

Where: 600 NW 23rd Ave NW 23rd Ave
(503) 295-7959

What: Sometimes you need a pair of shoes that will just go with one outfit. At Ether, you can afford that pair. The styles tend to be on the trendy side, but you can find great stuff here.

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