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Little Boxes PDX 2012


Little Boxes PDX 2012

Little Boxes PDX founders

Photo courtesy Lisa Hill PR

Portland is all about keeping things local -- whether it's buying local foods, microbrews, wines or even bicycles. Why should Black Friday -- the biggest shopping day of the year -- be any different?

On Friday, November 23rd and Saturday, November 24th, over 160 locally owned, independent shops will join forces to encourage consumers to keep their dollars in the community via the Little Boxes PDX event. As Will Cervarich, co-owner of the betsy & iya boutique and co-founder of Little Boxes, says, "Portland has so many great shops scattered throughout its neighborhoods. This is a way for people to explore the city and what is has to offer shoppers. With the holidays coming up, Little Boxes is a great way to find interesting, meaningful gifts."

To encourage shoppers to visit multiple participating shops, a customer receives a stamp with each purchase, good for a 10-percent discount at any other Little Box store. The name "Little Box" itself is used to differentiate the experience from the typical Black Friday big-box-store-dominated shopping experience.

Participating businesses will be open both days from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Shoppers will receive raffle tickets which are eligible for prizes each time they visit a Little Box store. They can accumulate additional tickets with each purchase they make.

What: Little Boxes PDX Shopping
When: November 23 - November 24
More Info: littleboxespdx.com

Little Boxes PDX Businesses Include:

  • Salty Teacup (7315 N. Alta Ave., Portland, OR 97203)
  • Crow (7425 N Leavitt Street, Portland, OR 97203)
  • Etcetera (8621 N. Lombard, Portland, OR 97203)
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