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Portland Rock Climbing Gyms


Rock climbing is an amazing workout. Find a place to rock climb indoors. Some of these gyms are purely for rock climbing while others simply have a rock climbing wall among the other activities. Find the one in Portland gym that's closest to you and add some adventure to your workout routine.

1. The Circuit Bouldering Gym

Where: 6050 SW Macadam and 410 NE 17th Ave 

Details: The Circut focuses on bouldering, which is a little different than traditional rock-climbing because it's done without ropes. Climbers stay fairly low, and are protected by a "crash pad" below. The Circuit offers lessons for any level, and memberships that are valid at both locations. Plus, the space is also open for event rentals like birthday parties and team-building events. 

2. Stoneworks

Where: 6775 SW 111th Ave. Beaverton, OR

Details: Looking for a bargain? You can visit Stoneworks for only $10/day (gear not included). Of course, monthly and yearly memberships are available, too. Lessons are offered for kids and adults, so you don't have to be experienced to enjoy your climb. Stoneworks even has camps and a weekly competition called Boulder Joust!


3. Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club

Where: 4800 NE Belknap Ct., Hillsboro, OR

Details: This is a full-service gym with a rock climbing wall. So, it's perfect if you want to add rock climbing to your routine but you don't necessarily want to join a rock gym. 

4. Sunset Athletic Club

Where: 13939 NW Cornell Road, Portland

Details: Sunset Athletic's climbing wall is especially popular with families. In addition to instructional programs, there are also "free climb" times. There are seven top-ropes, lead climbing anchors, and a bouldering cave.  In addition to the rock climbing wall, this family-oriented club has a pool, raquetball, tennis, and and indoor track. It would be nearly impossibl to get bored here. 

5. ClubSport Oregon

Where: 18120 SW Lower Boones Ferry Road, Tigard

Details: This is a huge fitness center that has a rock-climbing wall. The wall has more than 11,000 square feet of space, and goes up to 45 feet. You can experience top roping, lead climbing and bouldering. Plus, there are climbing camps, a competitive climbing team, group lessons and private instruction available.

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