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Portland Winter Activities

The Best Ways to Stay Active During Winter in Portland


Where to go for winter fun in Portland, Oregon.

1. Ice Skating

Maybe you haven't been ice skating since you were a kid. It's a great way to get moving when it's cold outside. Get a list of the best ice skating rinks around Portland.

2. Downhill Skiing + Snowboarding

People come from all over to ski Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor. Get the details on the area's best ski and snowboard destinations.

3. Sledding, Snowshoeing, X-Country Skiing

The sno-parks around Mount Hood are gorgeous -- and whether you like to sled, ski, snowshoe, or just make snow angels, everyone in the family can enjoy a day of playing in the snow.

4. Hiking

Sure, it might be muddy, but hiking in winter is a worthwhile pursuit. Put on a pair of sturdy boots and find some of the best hiking trails in Portland.

5. Kayaking

Did you know you can kayak on the Willamette all year round? If you love the water, get out there and paddle!

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