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Portland Off-Leash Dog Parks

Portland Dog Park Directory


Dog owners in this city are extremely lucky. We have the option to legally allow our dogs off-leash in designated off-leash areas. Remember, not all off-leash areas are fenced, so use your discretion when choosing the best one for you and your dog. And if the park you choose doesn't have water, bring a jug along so your pup can hydrate after playing. Find out where there's an off-leash park in your neighborhood.

SE Portland

Brentwood Park
SE 60 & Duke

Mt Tabor Park
SE Lincoln, east of SE 64
(partially fenced)

Lents Park
SE 92 & Holgate

Cherry Park
SE 110 & Stephens

Creston Park
SE 44 & Powell Blvd

Laurelhurst Park

SE 39 & Stark

Lynchwood Park
SE 170 & Haig

Sellwood Riverfront Park
SE Spokane & Oaks Pkwy

Sewallcrest Park
SE 31 & Market

Woodstock Park
SE 47 & Steele

NE Portland

Normandale Park
NE 57 & Halsey

Fernhill Park
NE 37 & Ainsworth

Wilshire Park
NE 33 & Skidmore

Alberta Park
NE 22 & Killingsworth

Argay Park
NE 141 & Failing

East Holladay Park
NE 130 & Wasco

Frazer Park
NE 52 & Hassalo

Grant Park
NE 33 & U.S. Grant Place

Irving Park
NE Seventh & Fremont

Sacajawea Park
NE 75 & Alberta

SW Portland

Gabriel Park
SW 45 & Vermont

Willamette Park
SW Macadam & Nebraska

Council Crest Park
SW Council Crest Dr

Hillsdale Park
SW 27 & Hillsdale Hwy

NW Portland

Couch Park
NW 19 & Glisan

Wallace Park
NW 25 & Raleigh

North Portland

Chimney Park
9360 N. Columbia Blvd

Delta Park
N. Denver & MLK, Jr Blvd

Arbor Lodge Park
N. Bryant & Delaware

Overlook Park
N. Fremont & Interstate

Cathedral Park
N. Edison & Pittsburg

Portland International Raceway
N. Denver & Victory Blvd

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