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We live in foodie heaven, where local ingredients are plentiful, delicious, and lovingly used by expert chefs all over the city. Get advice on where to dine, drink, and enjoy all the flavors of the Northwest.
  1. Neighborhood Eats + Drinks
  2. Farmer's Markets and Specialty Shops
  3. Bars in Portland
  4. More Food and Drink in Portland

Neighborhood Eats + Drinks

Explore the best restaurants in Portland's neighborhoods. It's a great way to discover delicious fare.

Farmer's Markets and Specialty Shops

The freshest foods usually come from the smaller, local shops that specialize. Sure, it takes more time to seek them out, but it's worth it.

Bars in Portland

There is no shortage of drinking establishments in the Rose City. Raise a pint or try a new fruity concoction at some of Portland's best bars.

More Food and Drink in Portland

Get food photos, food blog info and "best of" information about Portland's food scene.

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