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Portland Public Transportation

Tips for Using TriMet Buses, MAX, and the Portland Streetcar


TriMet’s Zone System
TriMet’s service area is split into zones. Zones 1 and 2 are within city limits. Zone 3 covers neighboring towns such as Gresham, Lake Oswego, and Vancouver, WA. Get more information from the interactive map at TriMet’s website.

The Bus Mall
If you’re in downtown Portland, you’re not far from a bus stop. SW 5th and 6th Avenues are (usually) known as the bus mall, and you can (usually) catch buses going almost anywhere from this location. Because of major construction, TriMet and C-TRAN bus service are no longer stopping along SW 5th and 6th Avenues.

Most bus lines now serve new stops located along 3rd and 4th avenues and Columbia and Jefferson streets. These changes will remain in effect through spring 2009.


  • Since TriMet drivers don’t give change, it’s best to have the exact fare.
  • Fares are $1.75 for 1 or 2-zone tickets and $2.05 for all zone-tickets. All-day tickets are $4.25.
  • 7-day passes are $17 for 2 zones and $20 for all zones.
  • Monthly passes are $65 for 2 zones and $76 for all zones.

Fareless Square
Any day of the week, you can take a free ride on TriMet buses, MAX trains, and the Portland Streetcar. When your entire trip begins and ends within Fareless Square, the ride doesn’t cost a dime.
Fareless Square includes most of downtown Portland (within the boundaries of the Willamette River, NW Irving Street, and the I-405 freeway), as well as MAX stations from the Rose Quarter to Lloyd Center and bus stops along NE Multnomah to 13th Avenue.

Plan Your Trip
If you’re wondering how to get from point A to point B, visit the online trip planner or call 503.238.RIDE to get personal assistance.

When you buy a bus ticket, the driver will give you a transfer with an expiration time. Tickets are good for at least one hour on weekdays and at least two hours on weekends.

While they’re valid, you can use a TriMet ticket on buses, MAX trains, and the Portland Streetcar.

Buying tickets
When you’re boarding a bus, you can buy a single ticket or an All-Day ticket on board.

Before you get on a MAX train, purchase a ticket at a self-service ticket machine at the station. All machines take cash and coins, and some machines take credit and debit cards.

Ticket Outlets
You can buy TriMet tickets and passes at a variety of grocery stores in the Portland area such as Fred Meyer, New Seasons, Safeway and Albertsons. Look up an outlet in your area.

You may also purchase tickets and passes at the TriMet ticket office at Pioneer Courthouse Square and at the online TriMet store.

Find out how to order tickets by mail.

Take Your Bike
It’s possible to take your bike onto buses, MAX trains, and the Portland Streetcar.
Learn how to:

Park and Ride
If you’d like to park and ride the bus, MAX, or Portland Streetcar, you can use TriMet’s free parking for up to 24 hours in various locations.

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