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The Best Portland Sandwiches

Stuff Between Bread is a Beautiful Thing


There is such a range of sandwiches in this town, from the classic meatball sub to the unexpected roasted mushroom sandwich ... there's one for everyone's palate.

1. Laurelhurst Market

Where: 3155 E. Burnside
What: For the love of meat, these guys know what they're doing. Laurelhurst market cures their own meats, and offers some of the finest cuts in the city. It's a butcher shop and a restaurant. The fact that they do amazing sandwiches is like the blue cheese butter on your steak.

2. Nicholas

Where: 318 SE Grand Ave What: A long-standing favorite, Nicholas' Middle Eastern fare goes far beyond the sandwich. But the falafel and gyros here are not to be missed. Hot pita bread right out of the oven, well-seasoned fillings, and super-saucy toppings. They're messy. Napkins are necessary.

3. Pine State Biscuits

Where: 3640 SE Belmont Street What: It's breakfast time. You have a hangover. You're going to need a sandwich from PSB. Think giant biscuits topped with eggs, bacon, gravy, and maybe a slab of fried chicken if you're really hungry. Eat one, and you won't be hungry for a looong time.

4. Bunk Sandwiches

Where: 621 SE Morrison St What: There will be a line at Bunk. That's because the sandwiches inside are made with a whole lotta love: pork belly and meatball are the favorites, but these guys also have seasonal specials, so there's no need to get in a rut. Sandwiches are on the spendy side, but worth a try.

5. Michael's Italian Beef & Sausage

Where: 1111 SE Sandy Boulevard What: Before sandwiches were cool, there was Michael's. This is an East-Coast style sub shop (where subs are also called grinders). Think big, juicy meatballs and sausages smothered with red sauce and topped with peppers, onions and cheese. Now, go take a nap!

6. Little T American Baker

Where: 2600 SE Division What: It looks like a fancy coffee shop. And well, you can certainly get a damn fine mocha, or a pretty pastry. But let's talk about the sandwiches. Homemade breads and uber-delicious ingredients combine to make these stellar, and extremely satisfying. Try the Italian sub!

7. Meat Cheese Bread

Where: 1406 SE Stark Street What: Get on the sandwich train. Meat, cheese bread will astound you with their flavors and inventiveness. Vegetarians are welcome ... these guys are known for their roasted mushroom sandwich as well as many meaty varieties, including their killer Cuban (pulled pork).

8. Foti's Greek Deli

Where: 1740 East Burnside Street What: It's not so much a restaurant than a small ethnic grocery store with a sandwich counter. Greek gyros and souvlaki are incredibly tasty, and oh-so-inexpensive. Be warned: they're messy, too.

9. Sandwichworks (by Kenny and Zuke's)

Where: 2376 NW Thurman What: Their original spot, Kenny and Zuke's, turns out incredible corned beef and pastrami. So it's only natural that these guys would branch out into a sandwich-only endeavor. Open wide, because these babies are a mouthful.
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