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Portland Tea Houses

The Best Places to Drink Tea in Portland


Tea culture is alive and well in Portland. The world of tea is fascinating, from its origins to its complex and subtle flavors. Find out where to go for the best tea-drinking experiences in Portland.

1. Tao of Tea

Where: 3430 Southeast Belmont Street

What: Half tea shop and half cafe, the Tao of Tea is Portand's original destination for tea drinkers. In addition to the huge tea menu, Tao also offers a vegetarian food menu and many tempting dessert options.

Phone: 503.736.0119

2. Townshend's Tea

Where: 2223 NE Alberta St

What: A cozy and relaxing neighborhood tea house with free wi-fi. Townshend's also has a location in Bend, OR, Plus, they sell tea online. 

Phone: 503.445.6699



3. Tea Zone

Where: 510 Northwest 11th Avenue

What: Tea house by day, cocktail lounge and live music venue by night! The Tea Zone also serves food, including Sunday brunch. Want to learn more about tea? The Tea Zone offers classes, too. Check the website for details.

Phone: 503.221.2130


4. Tea House at Lan Su Chinese Garden

Where: Inside the Lan Su Chinse Garden at NW 3rd & Everett in downtown Portland

What: Set inside one of Portland most spectacular gardens, this unique tea house is an excellent place to unwind with a cup of tea. Plus, you can learn about Chinese Tea culture and enjoy the beautiful views.

Phone: 503.224.8455

5. Jade Bistro Tea House

Where: 7912 SE 13th Ave

What: Part restaurant, part tea house and patisserie, Jade offers Asian cuisine and a wide variety of loose-leaf teas from around the world. The bright space, inexpensive menu and unique dessert items make Jade worth a visit.

Phone: 503.477.8985

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