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Oregon Food Products

Enjoy Delicious Local Foods


Local foods make fantastic gifts, whether you're visiting friends or entertaining family from out of town. Try these ideas and put together your own Oregon-made food spread.

1. Moonstruck Chocolates

These high-end chocolates are decadent and delicious. You can purchase Moonstruck chocolates at one of their four Oregon locations:

Downtown Portland
608 SW Alder St.

NW Portland
526 NW 23rd Ave.

Lake Oswego
Village Shopping Center
45 South State St.

Beaverton Town Square
11705 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.

2. Dave's Killer Bread

Some of the best bread you can buy in a package is made by Dave Dahl, a former prisoner turned baker. His slogan is "just say no to bread on drugs." Dave's bread is all natural, made with organic ingredients, and tastes, well ... killer.

3. Bob's Red Mill

Long before eating whole grains became "the healthy thing to do," there was Bob's Red Mill. In addition to selling packaged whole grains like barley and quinoa, Bob's Red Mill sells baking mixes, gluten-free products, and dried beans. Their World Headquarters is just south of Portland in Milwaukie, OR.

4. Aardvark Sauce

If you like it spicy, you'll love the Aardvark. This small company makes a habanero sauce, a jerk sauce, and several other products. Watch out ... a little goes a long way. Aardvark is available at grocery stores around town, and you can find them online, too.

5. Stumptown Coffee

Some of the best coffee in the world, Stumptown beans are sourced worldwide and roasted right here in P-town. They're so great, they have even expanded to the east coast, and New Yorkers are also experience the goodness. Luckily, Stumptown coffee is available all over, but the very best cups can be found at their cafes: SE Division SE Belmont Downtown Portland

6. Tillamook Cheese

This company has been making cheese and other dairy products in Oregon for 100 years! Their premium products are worth paying a little more for, especially the "reserve" cheddar that comes in a black package. Try it!

7. Hazelnuts

These healthy, yummy nuts grow all over the state, and many companies sell them plain, covered in chocolate, and in many other forms. Support our local economy by seeking out Oregon-grown hazelnuts.

8. Oregon Wines

With so many Oregon wines to choose from, you could drink a different one every day for a year. A great way to sample Oregon wines is to go on a tour of the wineries, meet the purveyors, and bring a few bottles home.
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