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Kid-Friendly Portland Restaurants

The Best Places to Eat with Kids in Portland


When you take your kids out to eat, you want a place that offers decent food and something for the little ones to, right? Here are some  options for kid-friendly restaurants in Portland, Oregon. Know of a place that's not on this list? Please send an e-mai to me at: portland@aboutguide.com

1. Laurelwood

Where: 5115 NE Sandy Blvd and at the Portland International Airport on concourses A and E. There's also a Laurelwood in Battleground, WA at 1401 SE Rasmussen Blvd.

What: The Laurelwood is unique in that it's a family-friendly brewpub. Kids especially love their pizza! Plus, the play area helps keep the kids busy once they are done eating.

2. Grandma Leeth's Restaurant

Where: 10122 SW Park Way

What: Voted a family favorite by Metro Parent Magazine. Kid-friendly menu, on-site child care, live music. 

3. Old Wives Tales

Where: 1300 East Burnside

What: Old Wives Tales is all about hearty, healthy food, and they are great at catering to kids. There's a soup and salad bar, which is hard to find these days. Plus, the kids' menu is huge, and offers everything from pancakes to pasta. There's a playroom, too -- so there's plenty of opportunity for the kids to have fun while their parents enjoy a leisurely meal.

4. BiPartisan Cafe

Where: 7901 SE Stark St

What: Coffee, baked goods, and family-friendly entertainment make this place a comfortable place for parents and adults to socialize. The cafe provides toys for the little ones to play with, and their steamers are kid-friendly, too!

5. Our Daily Bread

Where: 8680 N Ivanhoe St

What: Home-cooked food, kid-oriented food, and coloring sheets for entertaining the little ones at mealtime. 

6. Racoon Lodge

Where: 7424 SW Beaverton Hillsdale

What: If I were a kid, I'd be extra-curious about a place called the Racoon Lodge. The Lodge is both a restaurant and a brew pub, and the upstairs is the place for kids to run around and well ... be kids. In the summertime, sit outside at the picnic tables.

7. Old Spaghetti Factory

Where: 0715 S.W. Bancroft St., 12725 S.E. 93rd Ave. in Clackamas, OR and 18925 N.W. Tanasbourne Dr., Hillsboro

What: Voted one of the ten best restaurants for kids by Parents magazine, the Old Spaghetti factory is a chain with a special kids' menu, activities for the kids, and a lively (loud!), kid-friendly atmosphere.

8. Urban Grind

Where: 2214 NE Oregon St 

What: It's a coffee house with light fare, not an actual restaurant. The toy-filled back room is all about the kids. Plus, there's lots of room for kids to run around. 

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