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SE Portland Breakfast on Belmont

Start Your Day on Portland's SE Belmont Street


Depending on where you go, you can while away half a day waiting in line for Portland breakfast. Belmont boasts some of the best spots for the morning meal. And the best part is that if you go to one spot and the wait’s too long, there are plenty of other options within a few blocks.

1. Cricket Café

Where: 3159 SE Belmont Street
What: In addition to a killer “basic breakfast,” Cricket offers veggie-friendly options like tofu scrambles and veggie gravy. Plus there’s free wireless and the prices are down-to-earth, too.

2. Stumptown Coffee

Where: 3356 SE Belmont Street
What: If time is of the essence, and you want to grab a latte and a pastry, you might as well have some of the finest coffee in Portland. The line is usually long, but it goes incredibly quickly.

3. Pine State Biscuits

Where: 3640 SE Belmont Street
What: There is a place where breakfast sandwiches rule the roost, and this is it. The Reggie Deluxe is the ultimate indulgence. Fried chicken, bacon, gravy, eggs and cheese on a biscuit.

4. Utopia Café

Where: 3308 SE Belmont Street
What: When you arrive at Utopia, put your name on the list first, and then cast your eyes on the specials board. It’s not that their menu isn’t fabulous, but you can’t go wrong ordering one of their creative scrambles or homemade baked goods.

5. Jace Gace

Where: 2045 SE Belmont Street
What: Portland’s gone waffle crazy. There are sweet waffles, savory waffles, waffle carts and waffle windows. Belmont’s waffle café serves ‘em up day and night, and Jace Gace’s gallery hosts monthly art shows, too.
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