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Recommendations for the best restaurants and bars in Portland.

Northwest and Southwest Portland's Best Thanksgiving Restaurants
Portland abounds with excellent restaurants. Don't feel like cooking for yourself? Here are some of the best options in Northwest and Southwest Portland, Oregon.

Restaurant Review: Sake Zilla
Sake Zilla features Portland's largest sake menu and an excellent array of super-fresh, delicious sushi.

La Sirenita's Cheap, No-Frills Mexican Food in Alberta Arts and Sellwood
La Sirenita's two locations serve up reasonable, plentiful and good Mexican food in the Alberta Arts District and Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood.

Restaurant Review: The Black Cat Cafe
The two Black Cat Cafe locations offer sandwiches, coffee drinks, incredibly cheap microbrew beers and a warm, welcoming environment.

Restaurant Review: The Bye and Bye
The Bye and Bye offers inexpensive vegetarian fare, a wide variety of cocktails and beers, and a laid back, welcoming atmosphere in its Alberta Arts District location.

Restaurant Review: Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry

The Secret Society
Get a spot at one of Portland's most sought-after bars: The Secret Society.

Where to Eat With Kids in Portland, OR
Where are the Best and Worst Restaurants to Take Kids in Portland?

Portland Cocktails
What is your favorite Portland cocktail?

Get Dinner Delivered to Your Door
Delivered Dish is Portland's food delivery service. They've partnered with restaurants all over the city so you can enjoy a wonderful meal without leaving your house.

Portland Beer Blogs
The beer culture in Portland is nothing new, but it's always evolving. One of the best ways to find out what's going on in the beer scene here is to tap into the best Portland Beer Blogs. Check 'em out. And if you know of a great beer blog you'd like to recommend, please send an email to portlandor@aboutguide.com.

New York Times on Portland
See what this New York Times article has to say about where to eat (among other things) in Portland.

Screen Door
A Review of Screen Door Restaurant in Portland, OR

Portland Distilleries
Sure, our city is known for craft beer. But lately, small distilleries have been popping up all over town. Here are some of the best.

Portland Mexican Restaurants

When it comes to Mexican food, Portland doesn't have an overwhelming number of great options. But there definitely are a few standouts. Find out which Portland Mexican restaurants are worth a visit.

Prasad Restaurant
Try the vegan and raw food at Prasad restaurant in Portland's Pearl District.

Breakfast Without the Wait
Where can you get a decent breakfast in Portland without the long wait?

Portland Tea Houses
The best places to drink tea in Portland, Oregon

Portland Farmer's Market
A photo tour of the Portland Farmer's Market

Yum! Portland Food Photos
A delicious gallery of food from Portland restaurants.

Oregon Food Gifts
Local foods made fantastic gifts, whether you're visiting friends or entertaining family from out of town. Try these ideas and put together your own Oregon-made food spread.

Bar Review
A review of Blitz bar in Portland, OR

Best Pizza in Portland
Portland is a long way from pizza meccas like New York and Chicago, but in recent years, Portlanders have a few options for great pizza.

The Best Portland Sandwiches
There is such a range of sandwiches in this town, from the classic meatball sub to the unexpected roasted mushroom sandwich ... there's one for everyone's palate.

Restaurant Review
An overview of Laurelhurst Market in Portland, Oregon

Portland Happy Hours
A guide to some of Portland's best happy hours.

Brazen Bean
A mecca for martini drinkers.

Restaurant Review
A review of Laughing Planet, a restaurant in Portland, OR

Downtown Portland Restaurants
Unless you spend a lot of time in SW Portland, you might not be familiar with Downtown Portland restaurants. See our picks for where to eat in Downtown Portland.

Places to Get a Healthy Meal
When you don’t feel like cooking but you’re watching what you eat, Portland has some tasty options.

Portland Food & Drink Blogs
Love to read about food? Tap into the best food and drink blogs in Portland.

Portland Restaurant Profile - Pok Pok
A profile of Pok Pok restaurant in Portland, Oregon

Restaurant Profile
A profile of Authentica, a Mexican restaurant in Portland, OR

New York Times on Portland
See what this New York Times article has to say about where to eat (among other things) in Portland.

Portland Thai Restaurants

If you're in Portland, you're never far from a Thai restaurant. Of course, not all of them are great. Here's a list of ten Portland Thai restaurants worth trying.

Breweries in Portland, Oregon
Portland beer is the best. Use this list as a guide to the best breweries around Portland, Oregon.

Nob Hill Restaurants
Want a low-key meal in the Nob Hill neighborhood? You're in luck. There are plenty of casual dining options.

Get Dinner Delivered to Your Door
Delivered Dish is Portland's food delivery service. They've partnered with restaurants all over the city so you can enjoy a wonderful meal without leaving your house.

Organic Produce Delivery
Get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to your house.

Por Que No
A review of the Mexican restaurant Por Que No in Portland, OR

Moonstruck Chocolate
This Portland-based company's chocolates are a favorite with the rich and famous.

Portland Desserts

Chocolate. Creme Brulee. Key Lime Pie. What's your favorite dessert? Going out for a delicious dessert is a fantastic date idea. And there are plenty of options for desserts in Portland for sweet endings.

New York Times on Portland
See what this New York Times article has to say about where to eat (among other things) in Portland.

Blossoming Lotus: Raw, Vegan, and Amazing
Find out what makes Blossoming Lotus one of the most innovative restaurants in Portland, OR.

Get Dinner Delivered to Your Door
Delivered Dish is Portland's food delivery service. They've partnered with restaurants all over the city so you can enjoy a wonderful meal without leaving your house.

Portland Things to Do for Foodies

You love food. You always have a running list of new restaurants to try, and you love to read about Portland chefs and culinary happenings around town. Here's a sampling of food and drink-related activities to satisfy your hunger.

Where to Eat on Alberta + Killingsworth Street
There are tons of choices for eating out on NE Alberta and Killingsworth. Where should you go? Here are the ten best bets.

July 2013 Events Calendar
The Fourth of July ramps up the month with plenty of festivities, color bursts and booms, but there are plenty of other events all month long to make the summer of 2013 a memorable one. There's an amazing assortment of free events this summer with a dizzying array in July, including OPS Shakespeare Fest, Free Movies in the Park, Free Concerts in the Park, Sundown at Ecotrust, two beer festivals and several street fairs. Good luck with keeping up with it all -- but it's a great problem to have!

Breakfast on Belmont Street
Depending on where you go, you can while away half a day waiting in line for breakfast. Belmont boasts some of the best spots for the morning meal. And the best part is that if you go to one spot and the wait’s too long, there are plenty of other options within a few blocks

Michele's Chocolate Truffles
Find these delicious creations along SE Hawthorne Boulevard.

Vietnamese at its Best
An overview of Pho Van Restaurant in Portland, OR

Portland Bars with Outdoor Seating
Patios and outdoor seating areas are difficult to justify for P-town bar owners. Thanks to these top spots, we’ve got cool places to raise our glasses when the weather cooperates. Rather than just having a few tables on the sidewalk, the listings here are for place with full outdoor seating areas.

Best Portland Vegetarian Restaurants
Eating vegetarian is pretty easy in Portland. Whether you just like an occasional meat-free meal or you avoid all animal products, check out these picks for Portland vegetarian restaurants.

Where to Eat on Thanksgiving
Make reservations for Thanksgiving dinner in Portland, whether you're hungry for a traditional turkey dinner or something out out of the ordinary.

Romantic Portland Bars
Whether it's your first date or your 50th, why not take your date to a cozy spot for a tasty libation? Try one of these romantic Portland bars and impress the one you're with.

A review of Saucebox restaurant and bar in downtown Portland, OR.

Portland Coffee Houses
Coffee is everywhere in Portland. Learn about the best spots to get buzzing.

Portland Farmer's Markets
Find out when and where the Portland farmer's markets are happening, from downtown to the suburbs.

Pix Patisserie
Chocolates and pastries made with French flair.

2013 Feast Portland: A Celebration of Oregon Bounty
Feast Portland brings Portland's -- and the nation's -- best chefs together for four days of festivities, from September 19th-22nd, 2013. Top brewers, wine makers and distillers will be in attendance as well, and the more than 40 events include everything from large shindigs to intimate dinners to culinary classes. Expect to rub elbows with some of the world's best chefs while eating creations you won't soon forget.

Restaurant Review: Breakside Brewery
The Breakside Brewery brewpub in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Northeast Portland, Oregon, offers phenomenal beer, a laid-back atmosphere, outdoor seating and great food.

Restaurant Review: Breakside Brewery
The Breakside Brewery brewpub in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Northeast Portland, Oregon, offers phenomenal beer, a laid-back atmosphere, outdoor seating and great food.

Beaverton 2013 Summer Farmers Market Kicks Off with Local Liquid and Dog Sitting
The Beaverton Farmers Market is the biggest all-agricultural market in Oregon. For 2013 the market will expand with a rotating cast of local wine makers, distillers and brewers, and will also add a dog sitting service so pooches can tag along as well.

Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine
A review of Hoda's Middle Eastern restaurant in Portland, Oregon.

Portland Chocolate Shops
Where to get the best chocolates in Portland

Restaurant Review: Oregon Public House Pours Pints for Charity
The Oregon Public House in Northeast Portland's Woodlawn neighborhood pours pints -- and serves food -- for charity. Net proceeds go to one of 8 to 10 rotating charities the pub is working with at any time, and customers get to pick which one to support with each purchase. It's a cool new model, and the quality beer, great vibe and pub grub doesn't hurt the initiative, either.

Pearl District Happy Hours
Many of the restaurants in the Pearl District have less-than-affordable dinner menus. Happy hour is a great time to sample the eats and drinks in this hood.

June 2013 Events
The Rose Festival and Pride Parade and Festival are perennial June highlights in Portland. Joining them this year are Pedalpalooza and Cyclepedia, and plenty of alcoholic opportunities, including Sake Fest, Cider Summit and Portland Beer Week -- with four different beer festivals all hitting town.

Romantic Restaurants in Portland
What better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a nice meal? Not sure where to go? Here are some ideas for restaurants with romance.

Pub Review: The Red Fox Bar
A barely marked bar called the Red Fox lurks in the bushes behind a produce market in North Portland. Once you discover it, you may find that the welcoming atmosphere and cheap and good food and drinks keep you coming back for more.

Breakfast in Portland
Portlanders flock to the best breakfast restaurants on Saturdays and Sundays. Find out which ones are worth waiting for.

Cocktails in Portland
You know it when you taste it -- the perfect cocktail. Not too sweet, full of flavor, and just the right balance of ingredients. Here are our favorite Portland cocktails. What are yours?

Kid-Friendly Portland Restaurants

Kid-friendly restaurants in Portland, Oregon.

Blitz Ladd Sports Pub
A profile of Blitz Ladd, a sports bar in Portland, OR

Ice Cream Shop Review: Staccato Gelato
Staccato Gelato mixes a traditional-style gelato with locally-sourced ingredients to create fresh, exciting, delicious creations on this side of the Atlantic.

The Best Tea Houses in Portland, Oregon
Portland may be famous for its coffee, but great tea venues abound. Check out the top tea-sipping destinations in Portland, Oregon.

Northeast and Southeast Portland's Best Thanksgiving Restaurants
Northeast and Southeast Portland house some of the finest restaurants in the city -- and the country. Maybe you'd like to spend your time enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday and socializing with family and friends, rather than cooking and cleaning. Here are some of the best east-side options for holiday dining.

Celebrate the Harvest and Thanksgiving with Wine Tasting
Willamette Valley's Wine Country Thanksgiving features tastings from more than 150 participating wineries and a great opportunity to celebrate the harvest in style.

Portland's Top Thanksgiving Destinations and Events
Portland's a great town year-round, and there are special events every Thanksgiving to make us extra thankful. Check out the best places to eat, shop, wine taste and get some exercise over the Thanksgiving weekend in Portland, Oregon.

Restaurant Review: Portland Penny Diner
The Paleys recently launched their third restaurant in Portland, and their focus is on having fun and presenting effective, American-influenced cuisine and cocktails.

Pepper Box food cart brings amazing, inexpensive New Mexican food to Portland
Pepper Box brings a taste of New Mexico to Portland -- complete with fantastic red and green chile, and breakfast tacos that rival those served in their home state.

Portland Distillery Roundup Part I: Distillery Row
Portland has become a haven for all things food and drink -- and that now extends to craft distilleries and their diverse offerings.

Portland Distillery Roundup Part II: Portland's Best
Portland has become a haven for all things food and drink -- and that now extends to craft distilleries and their diverse offerings. We round up Distillery Row and six other of Portland's top distilleries.

Salt & Straw: Portland's Leading Ice Cream Purveyor, in Northeast and Northwest
Salt & Straw's food-to-cone philosophy has created an ice cream explosion in Portland.

Review: Ruby Jewel Ice Cream
Ruby Jewel uses gourmet, local ingredients to craft top-notch ice cream at affordable prices.

We All Scream for Portland's Ice Cream!
Portland has gone from a dearth of good ice cream options to having a plethora of some really exciting, delicious options. Join the ice cream revolution, spoon (or cone) in hand.

Eastside Distillery Review
Eastside Distilling, a member of Distillery Row PDX, is among Portland's leaders in the city's micro-distillery movement. Increasingly more bars and restaurants are carrying local micro-distillery's offerings -- and based on the quality and prices, with good reason.

New Deal Distillery Review
New Deal Distillery, a member of Distillery Row PDX, centers on vodkas and adds gins and liqueurs to its repertoire. Increasingly more bars and restaurants are carrying local micro-distillery's offerings -- and based on the quality and prices, that's with good reason.

House Spirits Distillery Review
House Spirits Distillery has been at the forefront of Portland's craft distilling scene since 2005. With spirits ranging from gin to aquavit to whiskey to raki, visitors are sure to find something to please their palates.

Pizza! Get a Slice -- or 2 -- of Heaven
Portland has gone from a dearth of good ice cream options to having a plethora of some really exciting, delicious options. Join the ice cream revolution, spoon (or cone) in hand.

Third Annual TOAST International Craft Spirit Event in Portland
Portland has had artisan distilleries for decades, but the scene has gained some serious momentum in the past several years. TOAST brings together many of the region's -- and the world's -- top craft distillers under one roof for tastings, chatting and merriment as attendees can support one of the city's coolest trends.

Exquisite Montreal/Portland-Style Bagels in Southeast
Portland's Spielman Coffee Roasters Cafe, Bagels and Bakeshop is quickly becoming a favorite for bagel-seekers in the city, and the style is a unique twist on a classic.

New York Style Pizza in Northwest Portland
Escape from New York has been serving slices to Portlanders since 1983, and the pizzeria continues to do so with East-Coast flair at its Northwest 23rd location.

Review: Cacao Drinking Chocolate
Cacao's drinking chocolates ratchets up the decadence on one of the world's favorite desserts. Chocolate lovers rejoice!

U-Pick: Berry, Fruit and Veggie Picking in and around Portland
U-Pick farms and farm stores abound in the Portland Metro area. We picked some favorites for a family-friendly, fruit-filled day.

A Spirited Event: The 2013 Great American Distillers Festival
The Great American Distillers Festival returns to Portland for its ninth year to bring together then nation's top craft spirit distillers.

Volkfest Celebrates Autumn's Bounty in St Johns
The Colony in the heart of St Johns will host Volkfest, a celebration of the autumn harvest, with food, music, local beer, wine and spirits, and family-friendly fun such as pumpkin carving and scary scarecrow constructing.

Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry's Harvest Party with Dinner & Cocktail Menu Preview

2013 Northwest Food and Wine Festival Pairs Gourmet Eats and Wine Treats

The Portland Holiday Ale Fest celebrates its 18th edition as one of the premier beer events in a city famous for its microbrews and craft suds.

BrewCycle's Pedal-Powered Portland Pub Tours
BrewCycle, Portland brew pubs, Portland beer, microbrewery, bicycle tour

Portland's Best Brew Pubs: Eastside
Face it, beer fans are super spoiled here in Portland. In fact, we had to split up our list of best brewpubs into an Eastside group and a Westside contingent (read about those below). We'll also be featuring in-depth reviews of as many of these brewpubs as we can.

Portland's Best Brew Pubs: Eastside
Portland isn't called Beervana for nothing. The Pacific Northwest is very much at the heart of the microbrew craze that picked up momentum and continues to pick up steam right through the current day, and Portland now claims in the neighborhood of 50 brew pubs in the city alone. We've featured some of our favorites here, and have split the listings into Eastside (below) and Westside.

Thirst Fest 2014 LGBTQ Wine, Beer, Spirits Event Benefits Cascade Aids Project
Thirst Fest will bring national and local distilleries as well as wine and beer labels together with members and friends of Portland's LGBTQ community.

The Sixth Annual Zwickelmania: Find Out What's Brewing in Portland's Breweries
During Zwickelmania, over 100 breweries throughout Oregon -- and almost 40 in Portland -- host special events, tastings and opportunities to meet the brewers and look behind the scenes.

Smash Putt, The "Mega Miniature Golf Apocalypse," Comes to Portland
Smash Putt brings together miniature golf, robotic obstacles, an art installation, an irreverent, for-adults presentation and cocktails.

Portland Dining Month Makes the City's Top Restaurants Affordable in March
For the entire month of March, top restaurants throughout Portland offer a fixed price menu of just $29 for three courses.

St Patricks' Day 2014 in Portland
Portland celebrates St Patrick's Day with everything from free concerts to four-day festivals. Some events are family friendly, while others are more adult-themed.

TOAST 2014 - The Fourth Annual International Artisan Spirits Revival
TOAST brings together the top micro-distilleries in Oregon and from throughout the world in downtown Portland for a spirits festival.

Oregon Rum Runners Event: Polynesian Food & Rum Cocktails Galore
Oregon Rum Runners brings Polynesian fare at Hale Pele's tiki bar together with cocktails by Oregon's top rum distillers. It's a great lead-in to the 2014 edition of TOAST Spirits festival in Portland.

Vegetarian Night at Beast: Feast without the Meat, in Photos
Vegetarian night at Beast: a once-a-month occurrence when non-meat-eaters can experience one of the most well-known Portland foodie experiences.

Bar & Restaurant Review: Pope House Bourbon Lounge
The Pope House Bourbon Lounge offers Portland's best whiskey drinking experience in a unique, welcoming Victorian house.

Review: Case Study Coffee Gives Downtowners that Eastside Feel
Portland is famous for its coffee roasters and coffee shops, but there's a relative dearth of greatness in the downtown area. Case Study Coffee is a notable exception.

Growing Gardens Presents Chef in My Garden 2014
Chef in My Garden brings some of Portland's top chefs to local homes to serve exclusive farm-to-table meals. Local wineries will provide the beverage pairings, and it's all to benefit the Growing Gardens nonprofit.

Coffee Shop Review: Heart Roasters in West End
Heart Roasters coffee, with locations in both the east and west side of Portland, brings a lighter touch to Portland's growing list of local, small batch coffee roasters. Founder Wille Yli-Luoma is perfecting the art of the light roast, offering a smooth, fruity take on the espresso shot.

Portlands Downtown Artisanal Coffee Roasters
Downtown Portland offers variety of independent coffee roasters, such as Barista Coffee, Case Study, Courier Coffee and Heart Roasters.

Upstream Public Health's "Search for the Healthiest Beer"
Join local Portland celebrity judges and the city's beer aficionadi in tasting a dozen brewers' attempts at creating the "Healthiest Beer." The fundraising event benefits Portland nonprofit organization Upstream Public Health.

Courier Coffee Pedals to Pour in Downtown Portland
When DIY meets award-winning roasts, Portland coffee connoisseurs take notice. Courier Coffee brings an individual, punk-fueled flair to small batch roasting.

Ol Latte Brings Rural Charm To Downtown Coffee
In the cart villages on SW Alder and PSU,Ol Latte offers charm, conversation and one-of-a-kind syrups to the coffee connoisseur.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Portland's Iconic Classic
Stumptown Coffee Roasters, one of the oldest small-batch roasters in Portland, maintains its iconic status with its downtown location.

Sustainable, Delicious Beer: Portland's North American Organic Brewers Festival
The North American Organic Brewers Festival is a beer fest with a conscience, blending delicious beer with a sustainable ethic every June at North Portland's Overlook Park.

Oregon Cider Week brings the region's best ciders to locations throughout Portland and Oregon for a full 10-day celebration.

Barista Coffee Serves Award-Winning Pours in Downtown Portland
Barista Coffee is an award-winning shop with four locations in Portland. Using a variety of small-batch roasts sourced both locally and abroad, the baristas - who have won numerous competitions - pour perfect shots, every time.

Northeast Portland Coffee Shops Capture Unique Neighborhood Flare
While Portland’s Downtown has many independent coffee shops to draw both worker and tourist alike, some of “Stumptown’s” oldest shops sprouted on the other side of the river, in the neighborhoods of Northeast Portland. Here we survey the best of these Northeast shops.

Puckerfest: Portland's Festival of Sour Beers
Puckerfest, held at Belmont Station in Portland, Oregon, celebrates sour and wild beers every July.

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