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Portland's neighborhoods all have their own personalities, and they're constantly changing. See what's going on in a hood near you, or venture into an undiscovered part of town.
  1. Northeast Portland
  2. Southeast Portland
  3. Southwest Portland
  4. Northwest Portland
  5. North Portland

Northeast Portland

Northeast Portland, especially the area around NE Alberta Street, has seen amazing growth over the past ten years or so. It's more culturally diverse than the rest of the city, which has made it an attractive place for Portlanders to live and open businesses. NE neighborhoods such as Irvington and Laurelhurst are known for tree-lined streets and incredible historic homes.

Southeast Portland

South of Burnside and east of the Willamette River, the neighborhoods of SE Portland, such as Hawthorne, are chock-full of laid-back cafes, low-key shops and beautiful houses.

Southwest Portland

Head downtown, or to one of the surrounding neighborhoods for shopping, museums, and hilly walks.

Northwest Portland

Northwest Portland is perhaps the most chic of the quadrants. The Pearl District is known for loft living, Nob Hill has amazing shopping and restaurants, and Old Town is home to Portland's Chinatown and one-of-a-kind Classical Chinese Garden.

North Portland

People say Portland is split into quadrants, but that doesn't include the ever-changing area of the city, North Portland. Don't forget the Fifth Quadrant!

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