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Sure, you could stay home and rent a movie every night, but then you'd be missing out on our city's parks, museums, movie theaters, fabulous dining, and all the other wonderful things we've got to keep us entertained.
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People used to talk about going to Seattle for a weekend of shopping, but now there's really not much reason to make the trek. Whether it's chic boutiques or mall staple stores you crave, Portland has become a shopping destination in its own right. We've even got our own IKEA!

Movies + Music

Movies and music a big part of life in P-town. Visit one of the city's many historic theaters, such as a McMenamins Theater Pub, or check out a show at a club or outdoor amphitheater.

Bars & Nightlife

Portland might not be a late-night city, but there's still plenty to do once the sun goes down.

Parks and Gardens

Portland loves its green spaces. With so many parks and gardens to explore, there is no shortage of places to picnic, stroll, hike, and smell the roses.

Fitness + Outdoors

Walking, biking, hiking ... our city is often voted the best place for outdoor adventures. No matter what outdoor activity you're looking for, you're likely to find it in P-town.

Outside of Portland

Get out there and explore the gorgeous area of Oregon surrounding Portland! There's so much to see.

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