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Portland Date Ideas


There's certainly nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, but variety is the spice of life, and it can certainly spice up the romance. Try one of these Portland date ideas.

1. Chinese Garden + Dim Sum

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A theme date could be cheesy, but I think this one is worthwile. This is a weekend date, since Dim Sum is primarily served on the weekends. First, spend some time exploring the beautiful <a href=http://portlandor.about.com/od/artsentertainment/ig/Chinese-Garden">Lan-Su Chinese Garden</a> in Old Town (The garden is at 239 NW Everett Street). Being in such a gorgeous place is inspiring and romantic.

Then, head to a Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum. If you've never had Dim Sum before, you're in for a treat. The servers walk around with carts of Chinese dishes, usually in small quantities. Say yes to whatever looks good, and sample lots of dumplings, fried meats, and desserts.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing

If you're an adventurous two-some, spend an afternoon or an evening at a Rock Climbing gym. First-timers can sign up for a private lesson, and then you can cheer each other on as you ascend the wall. The adrenaline rush is a great way to create a spark between two people. Rock climbing gyms in the area include the Portland Rock Gym and the Circuit Gym.

3. Couples Massages

Luxury and romance go hand in hand, so if you're looking for a way to splurge on your sweetheart, couples massage is an excellent choice. Not all spas offer this service, but many of the better upscale spas can accommodate two people in one room. Call a few weeks in advance and surprise your sweetie.

4. Private Hot Tubbing

You don't have to get a fancy hotel room to enjoy hot tubbing with the one you love. Make a reservation for a private hot tub room at  Portland Tub and Tan, located at 8028 SE Stark Street. Bring a few candles, a bottle of wine, and you've got yourself a great date.

5. Fondue for Two

There's something romantic about the fondue experience. You not only get to sample lots of different little morsels, but the interactive experience makes for a fun date night. Be sure to end your meal with the ultimate sexy food: chocolate fondue. There are several fondue restaurants in Portland:

Urban Fondue -  2114 NW Glisan Street

The Melting Pot  - (SW 6th and Main)



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