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Top 10 Ways to Meet People in Portland


Expand your circle of friends or find someone special to date. These clubs, social groups, and dating events are sure to help you meet people in Portland.

1. Bergfruende Ski Club

Even though they call themselves a ski club, this group gets together for all kinds of events including dinner parties, camping trips, and nights at the theater.

2. Events and Adventures

A singles group for active people with events every day of the month.

3. Portland Skyliners

A social club for tall people. In order to join, Men must be at least 6'2" and women at least 5'10" without shoes.

4. 8 Minute Dating

You've probably heard of speed dating. At these events, you'll spend 8 minutes with 8 perspective dates. When two people find a mutual connection, your contact information is exchanged.

5. Columbia River Orienteering

Orienteering is a competitive sport where participants navigate through various checkpoints in designated areas, from city parks to wooded forests. This group offers events for people at all levels. Beginners are welcome.

6. Willamette Sailing Club

Sailing enthusiasts get together for racing clinics, social events, and regattas. This is the only small-boat sailing club in Portland, dedicated to boats under 20 feet long.

7. Portland Meetup

MeetUp is an organization that's all about connecting people with common interests, from politics to pets. You can find groups of people to connect with or start your own group, and it costs nothing to join.

8. Mazamas

This group's activities revolve around hiking, climbing, and conservation. They also offer classes such as Basic Climbing and Avalanche Awareness for people interested in outdoor adventure.

9. Oregon Trails Club

Hiking, biking, kayaking—this group does it all. If you love the great outdoors and you're looking to explore Oregon, join the Trails Club.

10. Walking and Running Clubs

Train for a race such as the Portland Marathon or just find other runners and walkers to hit the trails with.
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