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Things to Do in Portland When it Rains

Wet Weather Ideas


A lot of Oregonians don't let the rain stop them from getting outside. But, if you'd rather opt for an indoor activity, you're in luck. Use our list to find something to do (indoors) when it rains.

1. Go Bowling

You look fabulous in bowling shoes. Really. Even if you're a terrible bowler, the people watching at the bowling alley is pretty great. And, some of the alleys around town have arcades and other amusements.

2. Hit a Brewery

Have you been to all the breweries in the city? A brewery tour is a great rainy day activity. But then again, so is raising a pint or two. Plus, the food at many Portland breweries is worth trying. Mmmm.

3. Play Ping Pong

You don't have to have a ping pong table in your basement, because plenty of bars around town offer free ping pong. Check out the list.

4. Indoor Ice Skating

Ice skating is great exercise, but it's rarely cold enough for outdoor skating in Oregon. Find an ice skating rink near you.

5. Go to Powell's Books

Because Powell's is always there for us, it's easy to forget about how much fun it is to just go browse. Check their events calendar, too, because famous authors are often scheduled to speak/read.
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