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Portland Coupons and Discounts

Ways to Save Money in Portland


You'd be amazed at all the cool discount programs out there. Spend a few minutes researching and you could cut your costs considerably, from eating out to museums and groceries.

1. Chinook Book

This coupon book will not only save you money, but it supports eco-friendly businesses. Buy one for $20 and you can easily make that back by using just a couple of the 300 coupons inside. The places in this book aren’t obscure, either. You can get two-for-one deals on popular Portland attractions and even save big bucks on your grocery bill. Get it: Order online http://www.ecometro.com/portland/coupon-book.aspx or get it at lots of local retailers including New Seasons Markets, Whole Foods, and Powell’s Books.

2. Eco-Metro online coupons

By the same people that create the Chinook book, but these coupons are online and printable.

3. Choose Local Card

A free card that entitles you to instant discounts at hundreds of places around town, from spas to restaurants and coffee shops. Example: Buy one entrée and get another free at Oba restaurant!

4. Restaurant.com

At this website, you can purchase restaurant gift certificates at a discount. For example, get a $25 gift certificate for $10 at Montage or the Ringside. Sometimes, the gift certificates are even cheaper, so watch the site for specials.

5. Happy Hour Guide with Coupons

The latest edition of Portland’s Happy Hour Guidebook is out, and the coupons inside will easily pay for the book. Get free appetizers, discounts off your entire bill, even a free movie ticket!

6. Entertainment Book for Portland + Vancouver

From entertainment to hotels and restaurants, the Entertainment book is a great tool for bargain-hunters. There are so many coupons in here, you’ll never use them all, but the book is only $20 if you buy it online.

7. Groupon

Get Portland-based deals delivered to your inbox. For example, you could buy a $25 gift certificate for $10. But there's a catch: enough people have to say "yes" to the deal for anyoen to get it. Groupon has been popular in other cities, and it started in late 2009. Groupon also lets users vote for businesses they'd like to be featured.
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