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Portland Street Fairs

Neighborhood Celebrations in Portland, Oregon


Neighborhood Street Fairs & Parades

I’m not sure if everyone really does love a parade, like the song says, but the street fairs and parades around Portland are part of what makes this city the best place to be during summertime. For the most part, the street fairs are one-day events with food vendors, sidewalk sales, music, and sometimes—parades.

Here’s the schedule for Portland street fairs in 2011.

fyi: Some of the website links go to neighborhood associations, since not all of the fairs have their own sites. May 21
Parkrose Fun-O-Rama Fair

July 9
Mississippi Street Fair Along North Mississippi Avenue between Skidmore and Fremont

June 20 - 26
Good in the Neighborhood
King Neighborhood in NE Portland

July 23
Division + Clinton Street Fair

August 6
Fremont Fest

August 13
Alberta Street Fair

August 20
Multnomah Village Days

August 28
Hawthorne Street Fair

September 10
Belmont Street Fair

Does your neighborhood have a parade or street fair that’s not mentioned here? Tell me about it.

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