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Springtime Events in Portland

Portland Celebrates the Spring Season


The beginning of spring is March 21. And while March is still a rainy month, we usually get a few warm, sunny days to remind us that we're almost through another long, rainy season.

Why not celebrate springtime at a local event like the annual Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival or a trip to the farmer's market?

Portland Farmer's Market Opens
Because farmers can grow practically anything in Oregon, our farmer's markets are like Disneyland for foodies. In addition to several downtown location, there are markets in many of Portland's close-in neighborhoods as well as suburban location.

Get a listing of farmer's market locations and hours.
See images from the Portland Farmer's Market.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival
3/25 - 5/1
Seeing the tulips in full bloom is breathtaking, and they don't last that long, so get yourself to Woodburn and spend some time tip-toeing through these lovely flowers. You may also purchase bulbs and other merchandise.

Zoo's Gone Wild Spring Break Party
3/19 - 3/27
Get a taste of the tropics, right here in Oregon. The event schedule includes and Undersea Adventure Day, A Pachyderm Party, A Beach Party and a Luau.

Saturday Market Opens!
Closed since Christmas, the Saturday Market starts again each March. The Saturday Market, which is actually open on both Saturday and Sunday, and is located at SW Ankeny St + Naito Parkway. Get more details about Saturday Market.

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