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OMSI - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Ten Great Things About OMSI


Its location
OMSI is tucked away on the east bank of the Willamette River in the Eastside Industrial neighborhood. It’s right along a bike path, and it’s also easily accessible via Tri-Met so it’s easy to get to, even without a car.

Amazing events and guest speakers
OMSI books fascinating science experts for speaking engagements and they also host tons of other events, like the robotics competition, game nights, and events for teens and seniors, too. Check the calendar and sign up for events emails.

$2 Days
Get into the museum for only $2 on the first Sunday of every month!

It’s interactive.
The exhibits at OMSI are mucho educational, but many of them are also hands-on and lots of fun. Kids especially love this aspect of the museum, and most people learn more when they get to interact by touching things, playing games, and being active participants in the process.

Membership is a great deal
A two-person membership to OMSI is only $75, and includes a ton of perks, including:

  • Free admission to permanent exhibits and labs
  • Free admission to premier exhibits
  • Free parking
  • FREE admission to special events, including the adult lecture series and OMSI After Dark
  • Priority access (i.e., no waiting in line!)
  • Discounts at the OMSI cafés and the Science StoreDiscounts on OMNIMAX films, planetarium matinees, and USS Blueback submarine tours

It’s a nonprofit
Nobody at OMSI is getting rich off the admission prices. The museum is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that receives no state or local tax support. In order to keep operating, OMSI relies on admissions, memberships and donations.

Laser Light Shows!
Experience some of your favorite bands (such as Pink Floyd or Smashing Pumpkins) set to a mind-blowing laser light show!

The OMSI Science Store
Not only is this one of the best toy stores in town, but there’s plenty of other cool stuff at the OMSI store, including telescopes, cool DVDs, and coffee table books.

Astronomy Presentations
Discover the stars, the planets, and how the wonders of the galaxy with presentations in the planetarium. Free to members.

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